neutral sunday


h&m sweater, madewell necklace, madewell corduroys, eastland seneca chukka boots, madewell ring, thrifted watch, fjallraven kanken, diy hair bow, and nail color is chinchilly by essie

I go to Newbury Street with my sister every Sunday just to browse around. I got the knot necklace I'm wearing from Madewell and popped it on while I was out today. You can buy other charms to add to it or just wear it alone. Hannah bought an adorable belt to go with her coat. I also had to bring in my legging jeans to Madewell because I ripped them this weekend. They are my second and very last pair so I have to make them last as long as I can because they've discontinued them. Don't worry though, I'm going to be writing a very strongly worded letter to the CEO, yeah... I'm going there! They are by far my favorite jeans I have every owned, I have to be aggressive haha.

I also stopped into Anthropologie, and boy was that a mistake. I had to hold myself back from purchasing everything in sight. I'm especially in love with all of their craft books, journals, mugs, and kitchen accessories. Just being in there makes me so excited to have a well decorated, cozy home someday.


  1. I was hesitating whether or not to purchase a Fjallraven Kanken bag for the longest time, and the color of the one you're carrying is sealing the deal! I can't find it anywhere, however. Could you please share the color, or was it an exclusive edition?

  2. Please answer this question! Thank you!!!

  3. I would love to know myself.